Our mandarins are naturally grown,
handpicked only when ripe. Our season
usually starts at Thanksgiving and goes
through New Year’s, unless we have sold
We have just over 200 trees so we are able to
give more personal attention. Mainly, we use
fish emulsion, our own compost, alfalfa pellets
and in addition, a soil test or leaf analysis.
We ship using USPS to save on shipping costs.
We sell from our farm in 5# and 10# bags. 
We box in 9+ lbs. and 14+ lbs.

Try our succulent and tender mandarins produced with in foothills of Auburn, CA. At Hidden Creek Farms, we dedicate ourselves to growing the most delicious, locally grown mandarins. Come on by and try them for yourself.

Call for pricing and availability,
Bonnie Abel
Phone: 530 305-4033
Email: hiddencreekauburn@yahoo.com